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“It’s so good to see you blogging again”. (With apologies to The Fauves).
Although the dates might suggest this is a New Year’s Resolution – with all the inevitable failure that goes with such things – it really is just a coincidence. The Rogues caught up for a few beers on the eve of NYE, and committed to stop talking and actually start writing – especially since we’ve had this domain name registered and lying dormant for a couple of years. Now that I type that I realise that actually this sounds a lot like a New Year’s Resolution. *sigh*
Anyway, from little things and all that, so if you’re interested in reading more of my ramblings (and honestly, after getting this far through this post, who wouldn’t?), you’ll find us at
Early posts lean towards macroeconomic discussion, triggered by the Centrelink debacle. You have been warned.
Posted on January 11, 2017Clawback of welfare debt is bad policy and bad economics In Helen Hodgson’s article for The Conversation (reprinted by The Guardian), she writes: The tax and social security systems can be seen as two sides of the same process – income support payments are a safety net fund…
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